My Experience applying to UCAS

at the start of this year when i started filling out my UCAS form and personal statement, i went into it all with the mindset of going into a fine art course, or straight into a job. when looking into all of the different courses for Fine art i decided that it really wasnt the... Continue Reading →


Graphics at Farnborough college of technology

i am wanting to apply for the Graphics course at Farnborough college of Technology. on this course i would be studying at my current college location. it is a 3 year course that would incorporate my skills ive gained from art and design with the small area of knowledge i have from my weekly graphics... Continue Reading →

final draft of my personal statement

for my final draft i feel that i have been able to incorporate all of the information that i needed in order to explain everything in as much dept as possible: -------------------------------- I want to study graphic design because it allows me to be very experimental which will then widen my skill set to adapt... Continue Reading →

Brighton University

when looking into the Graphic design course at Brighton University i found it to really interest me, and wow me with all of the statistics and skills that could be picked up by going there. i really felt that if was to choose this course then i would be able to take my own route... Continue Reading →

Visiting Farnham University

When I visited Farnham University i wanted to look at the course of Fine Art, as this would be the underlying foundation of most art courses that they did. i found the journey into Farnham to be very busy and hectic so that made me think that commuting would  be tricky if i did decide... Continue Reading →

Personal Statement #2

for my second draft i tried to refine the information and gather everything together so that it fit more into the word count. i feel that this definitely consolidated how i imagined it to be put together, as well as this, by making a second draft it took out the waffle and unnecessary content that... Continue Reading →

Personal Statement #1

This is the first draft i made of my personal statement. I found it hard to fit everything into the word count, so for this i decided to just broadly lay out the information that i wanted to further develop into my final draft. Personal statement.                                                                                            Cara Gravestock.   previously I have had a plethora... Continue Reading →

Here it is…

thanks for coming to look at my blog. here is where i will post all of my work and update you all on the journey i will be partaking on.

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